Best picks of 2023 by Krsnaa Mehta from India Circus

Best picks of 2023 by Krsnaa Mehta from India Circus

Initiate your ideal home renovation, whether it’s a new kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, or other areas. Simple changes to the color scheme, hardware, furniture, or ornamental accents can completely transform a room’s aesthetic. The Best picks of 2023 by Krsnaa Mehta from India Circus are outlined below, and you may use them to inspire your best home décor ideas.

Shades, personality-packed rugs, bold curtains, and rising kitchenware are ageless choices. Because of their importance, we mentioned several of them in our interior design trends in 2023. This list is fantastic if you want to liven up and comfort your home.

Blue Spell Wallpaper

Blue Spell Wallpaper, A sofa with cushion and Tables

When decorating your small living room, choose India Circus, which offers the best wallpaper decor. This wallcovering makes a statement. Putting up this wallpaper is a sure way to make a proclamation. It’s a wild, uncontrolled expression of your style. India Circus’s Blue Spell Wallpaper is the perfect way to update your home with a laid-back, stylish look. This wallpaper is made from high-grade non-woven material so it may be used in any room.

Cushion Covers

5 different Cushion Covers

If you want to make your living room more stylish and a place where friends and family like to spend time, a few of the latest interior design trends you should look out for is to invest in some elegant accent home décor cushion covers. As usual, play, mix, and add color to your scene. Make your room a place you’d be happy to work in instead of merely napping in. We also suggest trying new things, combining different elements, and bringing a lot of color to your space. India Circus’s Cushion Cover is a show-stopping addition to any home. This set of cushion covers is straight out of a fairy tale, with their depiction of a lake and a flock of flying cranes. It’s easy to make your living area cozier and more inviting and perfect for spending time with loved ones and friends.

Inflorescence Paragon Trays Set of 3

Inflorescence Paragon Trays Set of 3 with a glass

Flower lovers, take advantage of this present great idea! This three-piece floral tray set by India Circus is precisely what you’ve been looking for. This pair of trays will brighten your home with its cheerful red and white flower pattern against the neutral grey background. Plus, its durable MDF construction ensures it will survive for decades. Whether you put them in the dining or the living room, you’ll love the stunning pop of color they bring. Serveware, collections by Krsnaa Mehta, is a must-buy.

Doors Of Mystical Wonder Copper Water Dispenser

Doors Of Mystical Wonder Copper Water Dispenser

Copper water dispensers provide safe drinking water. Staying hydrated from copper pots is a centuries-old Ayurvedic tradition, even though not all of the purported health advantages of doing so have been scientifically verified. Copper has antimicrobial qualities that make it an ideal material for a water dispenser. The Copper Water Dispenser reflects Indian culture by exhibiting a variety of door styles from our country’s past. Sure to spark lively debate at your next dinner party. Copper’s antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics make it an excellent metal for storing water. Water stored in copper bottles undergoes a natural purifying process, boosting the immune system, better digestion, and faster healing from cuts and scrapes. Copperware is a significant investment right now.

Rosa Eden Elizabeth Dinner Set

Rosa Eden Elizabeth Dinner Set

Selecting a dinnerware collection with an elaborate fringe is a great way to inject some flair and color for the best home decor ideas without distracting from the main attraction. The Rosa Eden Elizabeth Crockery Set from India Circus will bring fresh air to your table with its stunning aesthetic. The outer rim of the dinner plate depicts a rose-filled window garden, while the center contains a modern floral pattern in black and white. However, the quarter plate, with its striking black-and-white artwork on the border, really stood out. Make a statement with eye-catching hues and patterns for your casual dinner parties. This set will look great with your other dinnerware and make your table feel like a palace. Think beyond the box and pick a dinnerware set that reflects current fashion.

Elevate your home with our unique and stylish decor options

A flock of Birds Glass Tumbler Set

Two flock of Birds Glass Tumbler Set

Although fashion and trends come and go. Innovative creations that include Tumbler sets are the best to bring a new look that often endures for years or even decades. Tall tumblers and flat containers with no handles are used to store and celebrate beverages. Appearance, size, and volume can all differ. Their broad and sturdy base makes them perfect for balancing cocktail components, and their understated appearance allows even the most straightforward drinks to shine. A flock of Birds Glass Tumbler Set of 2 from India Circus will make an impression on your guests. A community of birds in blue and green flew across a white background in the Flock of Birds pattern. Each of the glasses is 11.80 cm in height, making them ideal for use as a serving piece. These glasses, crafted from Borosilicate Glass, are sturdy and unlikely to break. Fashion predictions claim shape will dominate amid a period of relative stability.

Best picks of 2023 by Krsnaa Mehta from India Circus

Technicolor Jootis Doormat

Technicolor Jootis Doormat

Some fashions may be fleeting, but there are always those that remain popular. Indeed, these are far more than fads. They can preserve a space’s stunning appearance and ambiance for many years. In addition to creating a welcoming first impression, door mats are a practical part of any clean home’s decor. This vibrant doormat is the perfect way to greet visitors to your home. This mat, made by India Circus and appropriately named Technicolor Jootis, depicts traditional Indian footwear in bright yellow and blue. Coir construction makes it weatherproof and low maintenance. India Circus offers elegant and long-lasting door mats that are the perfect finishing touch to any front door. Our consumers are keen to get a pick that provides comfort, support, and style. These doormats can also be placed on the balcony, which looks more captivating and beautiful.

Mughal Jhali Bed Dohar

Mughal Jhali Bed Dohar with a lamp and a wall art on the wall

The tiny home interior design ideas for the bedroom are a great place to begin implementing trendy design ideas. Since it’s so essential, it’s only natural that this room gets special attention. Dohars with intricate hand-block prints have become more fashionable. Mughal Jhali Dohar, by India Circus, is a traditional dohar with a hand-block printed design. This set of linens is lovingly created and features a design inspired by the Mughal Jhali and some floral motifs. Add some classic style to your bedroom with this dohar. The fabric used in its construction is soft and comfortable against the skin while allowing air to circulate. The bedding and bed linens sold at India Circus are high-quality, fashionable, and a terrific design investment.

Feathered Garden Bed and Table Runner

Feathered Garden Bed and Table Runner

Do you want to decorate your bed or table but know where to begin? A mattress runner is a decorative textile that can be draped along a bed. Adding a runner to your bed will make it look more polished. Bed runners, which can be either a shawl or a long, narrow strip, are typically draped over the bottom of the bed or down the center. The Feathered Garden table and bed runner from the well-known brand India Circus is a great place to start. This runner, crafted from a silk and taffeta combination, has captured our attention due to its beautiful pattern, which features a peacock perched on a branch overlooking a bouquet of white, peach, and fuchsia flowers being savored by birds. Its vibrant hues will brighten any surface, from the dinner table to the bedroom.


Krsnaa Mehta from India Circus has compiled a list of the top influencer picks for 2023, and we hope it helps you figure out how to improve your home’s perspective. These best home décor market trends can breathe new life into your home in every room. Make a long-lasting impression without breaking the bank by furnishing your home with suggestions from the 2023 India Circus’s most influential designs.

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