Fill your space with the color of Holi this season

Fill your space with the color of Holi this season

Holi provides the ideal setting for a comprehensive cleaning or a rapid makeover of a home. When we say this, it simply means that the time of year is here when the air is filled with different colors and the ground is marked with splashes of water balloons from that intense fun fight you had with your loved ones.

However, when it comes to creative holi decoration for the home we frequently tend to stick with safe and neutral color schemes while decorating our houses. We should quit being careful when it comes to our homes and start appreciating color with the furniture and furnishings we pick from #ColoursOfIndiaCircus.  A splash of color can substantially alter the living room’s main point without committing to a significant decorating project.

While you are busy enjoying the festival of colors, did you even realize how your home space looks? Is it still the same in neutral colors, or are you on the hunt to add color to your home? If you answered yes, then with holi being just around the corner it is a good idea to be introduced to some of the best holi decoration ideas at home. 

Add some shine to your life this year by surrounding yourself with a rainbow of happy colors and some artistic products to fill your space this festive season.

Nights of Raas Leela Wallpaper

Nights of Raas Leela Wallpaper by India Circus

Holi is a celebration that is widely observed with great fervor and joy, but it also leaves behind more than just happy memories—it leaves stains on the walls. No matter how careful you are, Holi colors will inevitably damage your home’s walls during the festivities. You won’t need to be concerned, though, if you choose our most loved Nights of Raas Leela wallpaper. The wallpaper tells about the joyful dance of Lord Krishna and the gopis under the light of the full moon, where Lord Krishna plays his flute and the gopis dance around him. Made up of woven fabric, the wallpapers are long-lasting and durable. 

Poppy window cushion covers

Poppy window cushion covers

To slip into your comfort zone and lounge on that couch placed in the living room while enjoying your home-cooked sweets, you need window cushions. Throwing on some vibrantly colored pillows can give the area a festive feel while creating a striking appearance. Switch over your pillow covers from creams and pastels and implement the look with India Circus’s Poppy Window Cushion Covers, which are made up of a satin blend that provides sheer comfort to your body and matches your interiors well. Also adding window cushions to your interior improves the aesthetic tone and adds a classy look.

Feathered garden nesting table

Feathered garden nesting table

During this Holi celebration, your family will surely spend a lot of time in the living area indulging in preparing customary Holi dishes and holi celebration activities. With a powerful design statement and the genuineness of furniture India Circus feathered garden nesting table may enhance special occasions. Nesting tables are one of the most indispensable furniture units. It is a must-have piece of furniture that accentuates your living space with design and architecture. So, this festive season, when you are bringing holi decoration items home, bring the Feathered Garden Nesting Table from India Circus. The nesting table is made up of teakwood with top material made up of MDF and vinyl print. The design of the nesting table entails harmony of peace, white and fuchsia blossoms with birds pecking nectar and peacock perching on a branch.

Marine Opulence Dinner Set, 20 Pieces

When planning a holi party having a large selection of appetizers and desserts as well as a lavish main dish after engaging in color-related activities and dancing to all the music is necessary. We would love to ideally receive a nourishing, full-course traditional Indian meal for which this decorative Marine Opulence Dinner Set—20 pieces from our limited edition add a festive vibe to your dinner. The entire dinner set includes six dinner plates, six side plates, six lentil bowls, and two curry bowls made up of a luxury finish with stunning looks made up of material bone china. The dinner set is designed with flowers, sparrows, and leaves in a serene marine background.

Floral Galore Canvas Wall Art

Floral Galore Canvas Wall Art by India Circus

With beautiful specimens of art prints and designs, spruce up your walls with colors this season for holi decoration at home. Give the plain and boring walls of your house a colorful makeover this Holi by using wall art to decorate your walls. Using wall art of #coloursofindiacircus adds aesthetic value to your living space and brightens up your home decor as well. Make your taste in art a part of your daily living by decorating your wall with Floral Galore Canvas Wall Art offered by India Circus. Beautifully made of a canvas print with a wooden stretch mount. The design of  Floral Galore Canvas Wall Art features the lovely glory of colorful birds and flowers.

Perching floral paradise glass bottles

Perching floral paradise glass bottles by India Circus

Irrespective of what you want to store in it, glass bottles are a staple of daily life in the majority of urban houses. Used for storing drinking water to pickled vegetables and homemade seasonal fruit preserves and jams to dry kitchen items and snacks, glass bottles bring elegance and good health to your home. To complete your Holi decoration items, buy the  Perching Floral Paradise Glass Bottle from India Circus, which is truly a piece of art. Made of borosilicate glass, the bottles reveal stunning and mesmerizing designs made from bright red hues.

Peacock Dwar copper water dispenser

Peacock Dwar copper water dispenser by India Circus

Even though you might have come across many water dispensers used in different holi parties from different brands, have you ever thought of using a copper water dispenser or a copper matka? The Peacock Dwar Copper Water Dispenser from India Circus is considered the best water dispenser of all time. The designer glossy finish is embossed with the features of a peacock at the entrance, followed by a beautiful foyer made in a Mughal-style structure. Because copper water dispensers are good for your overall health and improve digestion, hurry up to buy yours only from India Circus, which offers 100% pure copper water dispensers.

Gruidae’s Trance Nikko Bowl Set of 3

Gruidae’s Trance Nikko Bowl Set of 3 by India Circus

Worried about your holi theme party decoration because you don’t have many dining sets and serving crockery? Drop all your worries here and head to India Circus, which offers you the best dining sets and crockery items that add value to your dining experience. To start, purchase Guridae’s Trance Nikko Bowl Set of 3 made up of material bone china with a stunning finish of gray background lit up with flowers and clouds.

Flight of cranes table runner

Flight of cranes table runner by India Circus

When it comes to holi decoration at home putting decor items and other things in place is one of the most exciting parts that brings a fresh look to your house. From arranging bedrooms to living areas with the best sheets, cushions, and furniture items, do we ever pay attention to our table lying vacant? To decorate your table and bring all attention to one place use Flight of Cranes Table Runner by India Circus made up of digitally printed blended canvas and blended dupion. The features of table runners entail cranes that are ready for flight against a backdrop of vibrant floral branches. 

Fill Your Space With The Color Of Holi This Season

To wrap up, 

No matter whether you are thinking of introducing beautiful colors to your home or are planning to throw a grand Holi party at your place. All you need to do is let your imagination run wild with ideas and shop for all your holi decoration items from India Circus which will make your home get holi ready in no time. Also, this holi season go all creative and artistic to revamp and decorate your home with the above-mentioned holi decoration ideas for home.

Wishing you all much joy and wealth this Holi. Greetings for a joyous and secure Holi to all of you.

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