What To Look For When Choosing Furniture for a New House

What To Look For When Choosing Furniture for a New House

Moving into your new home is an important milestone. It’s a combination of excitement and nervousness, while you organize everything for the big move-in day. One of the most important things you want to get right at this stage is furniture and decor. You will want your new house to be fully furnished in your own style and budget. You will expect your new house to reflect your thoughts and taste and create a welcoming vibe. But, for that, you need to invest your time in choosing the right furniture that matches your new house.

Fret not, as we are here to help you navigate through this challenging journey with the best furniture selection tips and product recommendations. 

When you finish reading this, you will know where to start, how to pick the right furniture, and what to look for while choosing the furniture needed for the new house.

Before we start, we will start listing out the best tips, here are certain factors you need to keep your eye out for. These are popular mistakes that many have already committed while selecting furniture for a new house.

  • Find a theme and stick to it to maintain uniformity. Otherwise, you will be playing odd ones out every time you enter a space in your house. 
  • Stress on quality more than quantity and design. Good-quality products with fine craftsmanship last long, serving value and memories for good.
  • Eyes can lie but a measuring tape cannot. Keep your measuring tape with you so that you can buy furniture that fits in its space.
  • Check the quality and fit before you buy or install a furniture piece. Be aware of the shop’s return policies to not waste your money.
  • Compare the prices and features with different vendors online and offline to assess their actual value and negotiate, if possible.
  • Leave a little space away from the wall while taking measurements as sharp-edged furniture can damage your walls which means you have to keep them away from corners.
  • Analyse your requirements so that you know what has to be purchased and what can be refurbished. If you already have hand-me-downs or furniture from your old home, slash them out of your buying checklist.
  • And finally, pay more attention to the comfort, quality, and utility of the furniture than design and appearance as the former ones help you in the long run.

Things to consider while selecting furniture for your new home

Things to consider while selecting furniture for your new home

As you know what not to do, now is the time to spill what you can do while selecting furniture. 


Theme for your new home

Having a theme helps you select home furniture faster. As you know a central theme, you can pick anything that aligns with it, so you will not be clueless and know what you want. Most importantly, it gives your home a uniform look and makes it look like the inspirational designs you see in interior magazines. You can achieve this all on your own without an external designer’s assistance.

Start by picking any theme like modern and contemporary, timeless classic, mediaeval, minimalistic, bohemian, artistic, earthy, rustic, chic, or anything you have in mind. Most online and offline shops allow you to scan furniture based on themes. So, before you know you will finish purchasing everything under one central theme.


Space for your new home

The furniture you buy must fit your new home perfectly. It should neither be too small nor occupy too much space. This is what will happen if you select furniture based on just eye measurements. Thus, it’s always advised to use tape to measure the ideal dimensions after marking them out. 

If you want your furniture to be in the perfect space and size and are not satisfied with market products, you can also try custom furniture providers.

Budget & Pricing

Budget & Pricing for choosing furniture

Keeping an upper limit always helps as you may tend to go extravagant when choosing new furniture. At the same time, you cannot undervalue the budget too, as furniture is a major investment that can offer value for a lifetime. So, set the budget limit for each furniture piece or each room you buy them for. Do basic price research to know their starting and highest price ranges for every option you get. 

Note that the price can always vary when you are choosing new furniture in real time as pricing depends on multiple factors. For instance, the type of wood, craftsmanship, quality, intricate designs and carvings, quality of materials used, geolocation, shop type, and many other reasons. So, you should be able to weigh all this to analyse the price before you select furniture and see if it fits your budget.

Once you master budgeting, use your negotiation skills to get the right price while choosing the new furniture. If you are buying online, use seasonal and festival period sales to enjoy discounts.


Features while selecting furniture for your new home

Furniture and interior space is constantly evolving. There is something that ticks all of our requirements, no matter how quirky it is. Want additional storage space, your cot can do that for you through its secret storage compartment. Don’t want bulky couches, a recliner would suffice, plus it comes with coffee holders and trays. 

Similarly, there are many modern pieces of furniture being designed to fulfil more than what they can offer. So, select something that will tick most of your requirements to receive more value from the money spent.

Life and Durability

Life and Durability

You already know that you are spending a fair share of money buying home furniture. If you want to extract full value, you should opt for pieces that are long-lasting and sturdy. Imagine buying a couch made of the finest material only to have its leg broken in a few months. The repair costs would be much higher which can make replacing with new furniture sound better. 

A few tips to select durable furniture.

  • Show a higher preference for wooden furniture as they are more durable than plastic or steel pieces.
  • Always buy from a trustworthy seller with a good reputation and positive customer reviews.
  • Lift your furniture to see if it’s heavy. This is a sign that it’s made of high-quality wood.
  • Another sign of exceptional quality is the finish. If your furniture has a smooth and flawless finish without any cracks or rough patches, it can be trusted to an extent. 
  • You should also notice how the wood is joined to make it together a piece of furniture. What have they used, glue, or nails, or joined through dowels (one block of wood piercing through the other) or dovetail joints (two pieces of wood joined together like a puzzle)? The latter options are better according to woodwork experts than the former.
  • Show interest to know more about the raw materials and their sourcing. Many pieces of furniture come with a combination of materials. You might notice that some parts are made of plastic, Aluminium, or plywood to reduce the making cost. You must know that they are not durable compared to fine wood, hence they must be handled with care.
  • Touch and feel if it has a smooth surface on top and is properly polished. Avoid furniture with rough edges as it’s a sign of poor quality and can cause severe damage if you bump into them.

If possible, have a furniture expert right by you to inspect the new furniture while selecting them. This way, you can end up with quality furniture that stays the same for years without inviting pesky maintenance work.

Utility & Usefulness

Utility & Usefulness For When Choosing Furniture

Every piece of furniture has an application. Whether you buy a side table or a portable chair, make sure that it is utilitarian. Otherwise, it will only fill the space without any use while you are down a lot of money. This has to be mentioned here as there are many elegant furniture pieces being sold which really don’t have a purpose or have one which you might not need. But you might get tempted to buy them simply because it looks exquisite.

Hence, constantly review your checklist to see if your new home needs all of them, and feel free to add or remove things based on their usefulness. For example, buying a fancy study table for guest rooms when you barely have guests visiting. This strategic thinking is a must to avoid falling for marketing gimmicks.


Comfort to be consider while selecting furniture

Furniture pieces aren’t only meant to add aesthetic quotient to your new home. They have to be used and lived through. It will happen only when you select comfortable and cozy furniture. So, while selecting your best living room furniture or any other pieces, make sure it’s comfortable and accommodating. It can be a couch or a dining chair, follow the points below to ensure that you are investing in the right piece.

  • Check the cushion and fabric quality. Some fabrics like leather or cotton can become rough over usage and cause skin irritation for users. Make it a point to try and buy and consider your family’s health conditions while choosing such materials. 

Speaking of furniture fabric, India Circus is home to a good number of vivid, fine-quality printed fabrics. Take a look at them if you want to up the liveliness and comfort level of your furniture a bit. One exclusive recommendation would be this Psittacines Enquiry Fabric filled with birds and nests, mimicking a happy world.

  • The next tip would be to check the depth and height of the furniture to find if they offer the right level of support to your body.
  • Don’t leave your seating arrangement hanging without supporting cushions if you want to elevate comfort. Here is a magnificent, never-seen-before collection of cushion covers that suit your interest and mood.
  • Don’t forget to review how ergonomic the furniture pieces are. Your new furniture should help you rest well, and not be a source of body sores and aches.
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It’s always good to educate yourself and plan wisely before investing in furniture for your new home before you make your shop visit. Follow the above strategies and tips for choosing the right furniture for the budget and style of your choice.

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FAQs about Choosing Furniture for a New House:

1: What factors affect the choice of furniture for the house?

These are some factors affecting furniture choice for your house:

  • Space & layout
  • Style & aesthetic preferences
  • Budget
  • Functionality & usage
  • Material & durability
  • Comfort 

2: What are the qualities of furniture?

You should consider qualities like durability & longevity, comfort, look & appeal

functionality & versatility, quality of materials & design of the furniture.

3: What to think about when buying furniture?

You can keep a checklist which includes parameters as follows while buying a furniture:

  • Measure available space
  • Determine the intended use & functionality
  • Match the furniture style with overall home décor
  • Check material quality
  • Test comfort or coziness
  • Stay within budget limit

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